Icon's mission is to bring state-of-the-art high end electronic components and technology solutions to our partners through symbiotic relationships  with the world leaders in the field.

Value Statement

Engineering creativity with the best of breed technology, Icon Electromatic will strive to deliver solutions high on innovation, all the time conscious
of quality, time and cost and most of all designed according to your needs.


Icon Electromatic a company started by skilled engineers from the RF Industry with decades of experience. With our expertise and understanding of these ecosystems, we engage in providing not only Electronic & RF components from global leaders but also design services for high performance MMICs and modules that find their applications in Telecom, Optics, IoT, Aerospace & Defence Industries.

Icon provides Business Consultancy Solutions and ensures cost-effective, time-to-market solutions through our highly motivated workforce, driven by strong design principles, highest levels of quality and ethical business practices.

Seamlessly integrating precision and ingenuity, ICON Electromatic's abilities stem from our creative leadership in hard-core technology and strength in technology partnership. Augmenting these capabilities is our expertise across our practice areas to provide point services and end-to-end solutions across the product lifecycle.